Tuesday, 12 February 2013



I have a new blog/website! Click here! And you can subscribe via iTunes by clicking here!

As a science student I feel like there's so much out there that may seem boring or simply complicated to understand. So, I thought it would be a good idea to try and make things a little easier to understand. (Just wait for episode 3 - a topic which I think most of us would struggle to even begin tackling!)

I don't know whether I'll keep updating a personal blog right here or add a new domain but for now, this is "home".

I shall post as normal soon here! Exams, and then starting up the website have been taking up my time. I hope you can all check it out.

Sweet dreams.


Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Electric Fish

Something exciting.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Nice of You to Show Up


Oh, so you've switched to a more biology-only type of course? Well go you!

Aaaand that is why I have delayed blogging. That and also I have had a HORRIBLE (note the capitals) cough for AGES. Thank you, people who do not cover their mouths. Though I think I first got it from my nephew. Kids have no etiquette these days, pfft!

So, I finally went to the cinema for the first time since I saw the mistake that is MIB 3. Looper, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis. Some will be posting on their blog how it's an excellent film and aaaaall the rest of it. Note: it is a good film. However, the problem with it is the ending. There, I've said it!

It is October 2012! Just wow! My calculator is over 10-years-old now. Think I should change its battery in case it dies on me...

And my Sony PSP, although in a drawer somewhere, is now 6-years-old! Yeah, you think about how old you are and how life has but also hasn't started when you're at this age. How fun.

I remembered a veeeery interesting anecdote a few weeks ago. From when I was last in Pakiland in 2002.

My dad, brother and I went to Islamabad with one of my dad's friends and his son, to eat at some fancy schmancy restaurant. I guess a fancy restaurant these days would be one in which it's safe to eat over there. How nice.

When we were seated, we saw a whole class from a nearby private school having...lunch...at this restaurant. I think this was a Marriott Hotel. Totally makes sense...

After eating what I think was some half-decent food, we were asked whether we wanted tea or coffee. Everyone opted for tea. But this other guy's son and I decided to try a cappuccino. Oh. My. God. Have you tried one of these things?! Disgusting! It's like how so many chocolate-y looking things in the country like cakes and biscuits...don't taste of chocolate! We kept adding packets and packets of sugar - eventually having six in each cup. We took another sip. And STILL it was revolting.

So I guess this anecdote was about how horrendous caffeinated drinks are. Apart from green tea. Which I think everyone should drink. Oh, and have you tried iced tea? Not bad either. But cappuccinos? Oh my word. Just avoid.

PSY! GANGNAM STYLE! Is it not just awesome? I told my brother how I summed up my opinion on this - a review on iTunes of the song simply saying "absolute banger". And it is! No matter what some people may say...


Sweet dreams.


Friday, 24 August 2012

Late, Late Summer


So I've been listening to an awful lot of Owl City in the past day or two. This is not strange as I was one of those annoying "I heard them first!" people amongst my group of friends when it came to Owl City. And I am not ashamed to admit this damnit.

Anyhow, I am in Newcastle! Eid was fun and celebrated briskly as I have these things called resits. Fun. But I received money! This is genuinely shocking because as you get older, family members give less and less money as you're more likely to have started working. I am juuust underneath that precious barrier right now. Thank you for being a student etc. So Eid was indeed fun! Especially as we did not at all drive to a certain ice cream parlour many have, yes, "banged on about" for years, which I had not visited. The chocolate was different (in a good way) and the vanilla was excellent. Hmm...Charlotte's? In the middle of nowhere. Which is still a bus route. Yep, that one.

Newcastle! Don't worry, it's not like it's cold, wet and miserable here or anything. I have been using my breaks to rewatch How I Met Your Mother. Is anyone else excited about the upcoming, final season? Exactly!

Damn, still need to watch the remainder of Grey's Anatomy...

Anyhow, the midpoint has been reached. 2 exams down, 3 more to go starting Tuesday. Just...yeah.

There's this SUPERB band called All Night Chemists. And no, I don't like them just because I'm a chemistry student as well, blah blah. Just listen! This is still a favourite song of mine. (N.B. You can download the song and even their whole albums, for free, right here.)

But let's get back to Owl City for now... Yes, I think this is excellent because sometimes uber-pop is the answer.

Sweet dreams.


Friday, 10 August 2012

Titter Tatter


I know, I know, I know. Damnit, I hate not-blogging!

What has happened! Well, firstly, new compooooter! It's this:

(I stole that from a Bing search, naturally.) But yeah, so awesome because it fit everything I was looking for - full, usable ports whilst still being an "ultrabook", latest processor blah blah and all cost less than half of what was originally spent on the MacBook Air I bought which turned out faulty. So yeah, thank God for that etc.

Andy Roddick didn't win Wimbledon 2012. We'll skip over this. (Then again, Murray was so close! He will win a grand slam eventually, or, as my brother and dad say, may end up going down as the best player never to win one.)

Join Twitter! Because it's fun and annoying and great and awful all at once, yay!

Speaking of Twitter, I did tweet this wonderful photo not so long ago, of one of my new favourite books:

Yes, her! Hummus is finally, officially a published writer. This is stupidly great! And she will soon publish something that will sell as many as Fifty Shades of Grey but it'll be suitable for a more family-friendly audience. I'm only speaking from what I have heard about that book - damn it being number one on every ebook chart I saw today.

University! More exams! So nothing's changed, don't worry.

Cookies! I am finding it very hard to fit cookies into my life schedule during Ramadhan. And I am becoming less and less whale-like during this fast! Yay! This shall continue until I am only slightly bigger than Gandhi. Okay, maybe now that far but you know, carry on etc.

In response to Hummus' blog post about being an ancient sister: hello! And may you continue to enjoy changing nappies. My nephew's waste is not deemed as nuclear waste, so I know exactly what you mean. Also, I have given him the title of "biccie monster", as in biscuit, because he happily bit through one with me the other day.

I am still - whenever I have time which is of course never for many people during Ramadhan - working my way through Steve Jobs' biography. Yay! This is despite buying two super cheap ebooks today. I know, I know. Damnit.

I now have numerous video games on my computer! Which I will rarely have time to play but what the hell, yay!

Oh, I think everyone should use the Microsoft Office 2013 preview. It's so awesome, free to try out and those of you who still use Office 2003 (! - they shall remain nameless) should also use it. Having had 2007 for years, I think I'll be happily buying this upon release. Yay evil capitalism! Etc.

So yes. Erm...nothing has really been happening. Just a lot of revision and fasting and...being hot and thirsty. Thank you bizarre English weather, as I do prefer this over the humid/hot combination several weeks ago but nothing beats chilly, wet weather.

Oh, who else is actually enjoying the Olympics?! Yes, Andy Murray seriously thrashed Federer and what about that men's 100m final. Explosive. As was the 200m final last night. And I thought this link was fascinating!

I hope all you many readers are doing well, let me know! And I will seriously blog more (I had computer and phone woes since June but thankfully they're now resolved!) or else I will punch myself in the face. Very hard. I will make this possible.

Sweet dreams.


Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Woes & Woes


Yep, woes and woes. Tech woes. Because since I last posted, I have had TWO faulty MacBook Airs. Yep. Two. The first had a creak on the left side of the palm rest, which is ridiculous considering the cost of such items aaaand then number 2 had keyboard backlight problems. Lovely experience Apple.

Oh, and I am still having phone woes! I know! This is the 4th Nokia I have had since starting my contract 6-7 months ago. I did indeed go to Ofcom due to Orange being mean. Stupid networks.

So, what's been happening since Emad! Nothing too exciting as I really have just been recovering from weeks of nasty non-sleep. Just not good! Finally getting at least 8 hours of sleep is proving to be a good thing, phew.

Who has been watching the football! Well, firstly, we shall have a minute of silence for the Scottish readers' sadness regarding the absence of Soctland in Euro 2012. Done? Yep. And now a further minute for England going out. On penalties. Again. THANKS. Straight after that game I took my flag in my bedroom down and folded it up for the World Cup. Assuming England get there. Which they should. Because...it's the World Cup.

Tennis! Wimbledon! It's so much fun, as always. Yay for a Williams sister already being eliminated! And no yay for Andy Roddick being seeded 30th. This is sadness. I still believe he will Wimbeldon eventually. One day. Soon. Because time is running out... *Tears* etc.

Erm...I ordered a really cool, slim external hard drive?

Oh, how annoying are right-wing people? Yeah. That.

When sorting the house a bit (i.e. changing from God-awful "Asian" settees (yes, THOSE) in one of the rooms to sofas like the other room, and cleaning my room out), I rediscovered my awesome toy gun! How awesome? Well look below. Get it?! I know! I think it was a 7-year-old birthday present, from a relative who I'm sure also gave me another gun as a present at the time or one in the previous/following year. Because back then kids used to play with toy guns as opposed to real ones. Humour etc. But yeah, great.

I haven't touched my Xbox in months, apart from occasionally watching something on BBC iPlayer. Maybe I should play that.

Ciao for now!

Sweet dreams.


Friday, 8 June 2012

Wet Summer's Day


So I have no computer of my own at the moment and my contract phone is also away with the repair fairies. Yep, I am currently using a phone entirely relying on buttons on a keypad (which I can confirm is now horrendous to type on and takes AGES having used touchscreens in some form for almost 5 years now). And I am using either my brother's computer when I can (of course he uses it but also my dad) or my almost-fully-broken Touchpad.

Thank God I still have my iPod Touch then. Tech woes.

So! I apologise for all 3 of you fans out there that I have not blogged since finishing exams/coming home last week. As I said, tech woes. But also I think it's only now I am recovering from all of that nonsense! Exams are tiring! And after a week I am back to being used to sleeping in my bed at home for more than 2 nights every few weeks. University is fun folks.

Apple's WWDC is on Monday. This is relevant because I am considering getting a Mac of some sort. And that is due to having terrible Windows laptop, in terms of hardware. Aaaaand then the good Windows laptops cost just as much/more than Mac equivalents. Nope, thank YOU Mr Student Discount.

Anyhow, nothing interesting has happened in the last week. Just resting! But I am totes looking forward to watching football, however racist fans might be in Ukraine...? Ouchee.

Oh, one more song to add my previous post: Lene Marlin's Sitting Down Here. I remember hearing this once when the siblings and I went to Leeds for a shopping trip of sorts.

I remember in Year 5 or 6 or some time in primary school, we all went on a trip of sorts (yes, re-use phrases Emad!) to the local supermarket. I think we walked there, wasn't exactly far. And that Morrisons still stands as there is nothing else that exciting in the town I live in anymore. Why did Woolworths have to go out of business damnit!

We watched a video on shoplifting. Nope, I am not joking at all on that one. Why? I don't know, we pesky kids were thieves in those days, right? I feel so old compared to those in my classes at uni, despite only being a year older.

There was something involving fish. Yes. Either the fish monger in the store did some slicing and dicing, I don't know. I just remember a strong fish smell.

However, in the afternoon we all made bread of some kind. And I remember moulding mine into the shape of a doughy man (pun intended) complete with limbs and a small round head. Can we all agree the smell of baked goods is super nice and gives that warm feeling and what not? And it was nice bread damnit!

I remember having some of it at home. We don't eat that many actual bread rolls in this house. But I can still picture my bread-man in its paper bag with the usual transparent plastic sheet at the front. It was nice! The mother liked it.

But that's what parents are for.

Sweet dreams.