Saturday, 29 October 2011

Oh Please, Take Even MORE Time Why Don't You


Where to begin with my apologies. How about wiiiith, oh yeah, I started working over the summer but had to leave after a few days to take some resits... So that was fun. Well, revise for the resits.

And a little while later (after passing, PHEW), university started! And we didn't have internet for a while and....blah blah, "all that matters is we're here now, safe and healthy" etc. Ahem. So glad I've been able to explain this absence of mine in such an articulate manner.

So HELLO! Reclaimed my blog, and here we are. University. Stage 2. What's so interesting about this year is that I HAVE A HUGE NUMBER OF BOOKS IN MY ROOM. And only TWO are fiction! Damn this. Anyone want to share their uni book bill? Last year all my chemistry books were given for free and all I needed to spend was £52. But THIS year? £140-ish. Woo!

Oh come on Emad, you can start off your first blog post in over 2 months with something more interesting than your reading list bill!

Fine, what else...

I made this pizza ages ago! Yay!

And I saw this HUGE snail in my garden, also ages ago! (Seriously, the picture doesn't do justice to how disgustingly big this thing was...)

Good 2011 films I have seen since my last post...hmm, Drive! Twice! AWESOME. Just superb. Crazy Stupid Love! Contagion! Ides of March soon I think... Maybe I saw a "summer blockbuster" but it was so good I have forgotten. Oh, Bridesmaids. Aaand...yep.

Summary time: Drive is sensational, no questions. From the opening scene and credits all the way to the final moments, this stylish and violent film is a new favourite. Ryan Gosling and Albert Brooks are brilliant. Crazy Stupid Love is hilarious, especially with that excellent cast. Contagion was great, with tense moments throughout, especially as it didn't feel dumbed down at any point. And Bridesmaids was good but considering the raves it was receiving at its time of release... It's still good! Just not as good as The 40-Year-Old Virgin or Knocked Up.

So, university. Stage 2. Of 3. So far, good! Chemistry labs, despite seemingly to take the world to complete each one, have been 80+% so far, so woo to that. But the work load is just enormous. Which is why I have been continuously updating my podcast playlist. How about that. And my current library loan count is...11. I think. Just pfft! But the enjoyment is still there. As is the case with the "Developing Graduate Skills" module where we were assigned to write a job description of the profession we intended to get into after we graduate, along with a covering letter and a CV. Totally didn't sleep at around 3:45am the other day with a 9am start. So fun! Medicine thoughts. Also fun. But you know, postgraduate biology (not the chemistry...!) looks fun too!

Steve Jobs passed away. Hmm, sadness. I've been looking forward to reading the biography ever since it was announced, this makes it even more interesting to read. But new life emerged in technology in the form of Nokia! Totally into getting a Windows phone, finally.

Oh, there was an Eid about two months ago! And there is one next week. Ah, time flies...

So once again, my apologies but I am definitely alive and all the rest of it. To the bloggers whose blogs I read: I have been reading them! Along with fascinating textbooks. And I promise to have interestingness updated here on a more regular basis, ahem.

If there were other interesting stories to share, I apologise but I have forgotten about them. Meaning you shouldn't know I have/had them to share. Creepy!

Oh, and a final note: I made an attempt at kidney beans and rice last week! Because I am indeed a fan of kidney beans. However, there was a tiiiiiny problem with the end result. How can I say this... It tasted un-nice? So yeah... I did take a picture but...just no!

I leave you with this great song. It was going to be a Westlife one but what can I say, I'm just too upset to talk about it. Instead I am listening to them as I post this. With tears streaming down my face. Further sadness.