Thursday, 24 November 2011

Totally Not Typing This During Question Time


Let's start off with the biggest story: I went to the White Rose Centre again! I jest, that isn't the most interesting thing that has happened to me this past fortnight but let's face it, it is DEFINITELY worth mentioning nonetheless. And yes I did have a milkshake whilst I was there. From the GOOD place upstairs.

Contrary to what some people think, Parks & Recreation is the best show so far this TV season. Community has also returned to being excellent and damnit Office, how can you remain this good after 7+ years?! Anyhow, James Spader is a legend and we have not decided to watch The Practice after all... (Boston Legal was indeed awesome and everyone should watch it! Now! Especially if you can get a season for only £5 like I did a year ago.)

Also contrary to what some people think...damnit, I have forgotten what I was going to say here. Damn you Question Time. Next!

I had an ECG test yesterday! That was weird. And took an entire hour! How can a hospital open its cardio-respiratory department for only THREE hours each weekday! Insaaane. Anyhow, that was interesting. And calm down my millions of fans/readers, I am absolutely fine, no need to worry (but I won't be revealing my medical history on a public blog now so...yes). Hello!

The nephew bit my face! Yes, as part of his hugging and touching my face, he decided to help his teeth develop by attempting to bite my cheek. These babies are violent! Having said that, he very much enjoys his jumping/jumperoo/whatever-you-call-it toy. Most definitely did not record a video on my phone for my amusement.

The trains! They are still horrible, nothing new to report here.

University! The thing that takes up most of time. Going well. We shall see how it goes in the future...! Well, what can I mention. That the most expensive book I've had to buy at £52 is only 220 pages, yay. And that...well, you know, it's going on. Oh! I have the opportunity to write a personal development plan as...well, I say "write" - it can take any form I like. A standard report/essay thing, a physical model that can be made, a short story, anything! How a short story would be written to fulfil the given criteria of a personal development tell me. But I am looking into a video! Yay etc. How would I even edit the thing.... These are the questions I am pondering over before I decide what to do. Wow, I have bored you all, let's move on! Or in fact, a picture!

Mr Spader himself!

Oh, that's what it was what I wanted to say earlier. Contrary to what some people might think, I will indeed read Jonathan Franzen's "Freedom" and Steve Jobs' biography as well as those seven books I was able to buy for less than £11 online. (Pristine, new hardbacks! Pristine I tell you!)

I need a new phone! My contract is up soon but for some reason I cannot find a contract that even MATCHES my current tariff let alone one that is cheaper. That's O2 and every other network for you (but especially O2 because they are literally thieves - BOOM!), ahem. Suggestions?! The new Nokia is something I saw in person two days ago. Very nice...!

I think that covers it for now. I will blog again soon! Hope all of you are doing well!

This is great! It was played as an intro to The Verge's podcast a week or so ago (The Verge is a great tech website, read!) - and I listen to maaaany podcasts. Anyone else??

Sweet dreams.


Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Let's Future-Think This Out


So Emad, what have you bee up this past week? Good question Emad, let's go through it as chronologically as possible.

The last inorganic chemistry lab experiment took place last week! Hooray! It was horrible and good in that weird way practicals are but Aron and I slung it out and we now know what it is like to be in the middle of a war zone. In a university laboratory...ahem.

What else! Another careers event attended in order to boost my learning log and also help me in the future - psychometric tests! Yes, they're awful and useless. Remember taking secondary school entrance exams with "non-verbal reasoning" sections? Or the famous UKCAT? Yes, stupid! Because when you guess you can get a higher score so...that explains that. Okay fine, some of them are good, but others are just flat-out ridic-!

Biology assignments! Two out of three now done for one of the modules. An in-class test this week. Other biology module: first assignment this week. So work is indeed being thrown this way constantly. Keep it coming Mr and Mrs Lecturers, you're going DOWN PAL! In a friendly, non-threatening manner, woop!

Oh, IT WAS EID: THE SECOND! So much fun, as always. Went home of course, the usual celebrations with food took place, as well as banoffee cheesecake, which I think I've only had literally once or twice. Still excellent of course. Even if the place I bought it from is in that bad place close to where I live. (Defend it all you want in the comments section you person!)

The nephew, now 6 months old, threw up milk after the Eid prayers when I arrived home. So fun! But he is wonderful as ever, and according to the conversation I had with my sister today, is a fan of the Very Hungry Caterpillar book and accompanying soft toy I bought him a little while back. So woo to that! However, he is also a fan of eating phones so...not sure what I should upgrade to in the next week/month. Nokia, anyone? It looks good! And we hate Android! (And Blackberries...yes, I said it again MAN!)

What else. Oh, I visited the White Rose centre for the first time in AGES. And unlike someone who just goes for the ice-cream and other food items, I went for other reasons.

Ah, just remembered: it was also my grandmothers' birthday a few days ago! So a giant chocolate cake was presented/shared on Eid in the afternoon! And the funny moment occurred when everyone sang their term of address for the grandmother during the happy birthday song. Mother, grandmother etc etc. The value of family is always being enhanced, which is a good thing.

And this is a good time to mention (because I did NOT forget) that our very own Hummus is 21! I know! Old! But we congratulate her on reaching this age in good health and what not and wish her another splendid 21 years and many more beyond. Here, here!

We now arrive to Tuesday evening. Lectures. Computer practicals. Notes being made, How I Met Your Mother and Bored to Death being watched aaaand...The Adventures of Tintin watched at the cinema! Luke and I paid a visit. We agreed it was good but nothing great or bad. So...advice: watch something else. Like Ides of March (which I still want to watch!) or if you just want to have fun, Tower Heist, because we all need another bloody Eddie Murphy film! Damnit. The Tintin cartoon was AWESOME. My brother and I loved it. Moneyball soon. And Take Shelter. So...keep your Canadian-themed calendars open!

I think this is the point where I leave for bed so farewell to you all and I hope to blog veeery soon with nothing interesting to say whatsoever, as all I will be doing is reading textbooks and making notes this weekend. Hooray!

Sweet dreams.