Monday, 5 December 2011

Five Stars


Work, work, work, work and even more freaking work. Or bloody work. Because it is so painful blood starts pouring from all areas of the body. Argh!

So yes, university is going well. Kinda. These last two weeks (will) contain so much work. Mini-tests, assignments, learning logs and a stupid amount of structural chemistry which should quite frankly be banned! Ahem. Organic chemistry all the way, right? Just curly arrows! But it too is very difficult, pfft!

Nothing particularly interesting has happened recently apart from despising the political right even MORE. Who doesn't! They even hate themselves!

Speaking of politics, I saw Tom Watson MP on the ride home on Friday. I know, very cool for knowing who he is. But thanks to the old lady sat next to me who was half asleep, I could not approach him. How fun! Maybe next time.

Literally nothing dramatically interesting has happened recently.

I went home this past weekend and worked and had my nephew ruin clothes I was wearing with food. You know, the usual. At least we've moved on from urine. Boy that was fun.

And...just...yes. I saw a robin last week. That was fun. Also...

HOW COLD IS IT?! Oh God. So damn cold. Just horrible! 

OH. Should be getting my new phone soon! And it will be a Nokia! And on Orange! Just like the old days! How expensive is O2, SRSLY?

Anyhow, things have just been plodding along. Yawn. And I apologise for giving you that yawn! But yes, I shall update my blog when I make it all boyish by talking about nothing but my new phone when it - hopefully - arrives.

Listen to? Jesse McCartney - Beautiful Soul. Not my suggestion. I barely like this song...ahem.

Sweet dreams.



Rosie said...

I'm sorry, but I laughed at your 'bloody work' joke. Although I shouldn't have because whilst studying this week I've had 5 nosebleeds. Which may be due to my cold, but it's nicer to blame it on uni work, don't you think? I digress.

I don't know who Tom Watson is :(.

Depending on the type of food, urine may have been preferable to have on your clothes. Poached octopus, for example.

And OMG, it is so effing cold it's not even funny. We have a couple inches of snow here and the whole economy has gone to hell. And our heating has chosen this moment to break. I feel like a penguin.

LOL - Beautiful Soul? Seriously? I guess it's kind of an oldie but a really cheesy goodie. Kind of.

Good luck with the coming two weeks of deathly work. Just remember that it will end - eventually. And then there will be Christmas and food and a new phone etc. Good times.

itscomplicated said...

I don't know why everyone keeps complaining about the cold. It's not that bad! Although, I do live down south now so...most of my housemates are international and they're all from hot hot hot places. They're not happy atm lol.

Food is better than urine. Both are better than sick. I threw up on my cousin. He will never let me forget it.

Good luck with work :D Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming swimming swimming, all you've got to do it swim :)

I'm going to go youtube the song.


itscomplicated said...

Just watched/listened to the Jesse Mccartney song. Was he like the Justin Beiber of the 90s...?

Aunty Em said...

Hey Emad!
Like the girls said not long until xmas, hopefully you can take a good earned rest. Structural chem? I remember that! Do u still have to buy a kit complete with bonds and molecules. Humaira would happily play with my kit and build cars and people n stuff. :) happy days! She was about 9 at the time. im pretty sure she swallowed a molecule. :/ So yeh its cold... cant feel my fingers when driving. You must be freezing as you are further north. Unfortunately I do know of Tom Watson as he is a local. (west midlands area). I insist on not saying 'my neck of the woods' as that IS n always will be west yorkshire!:)
My hubby and I saw jon bentley, presenter from the gadget show! He was at a shopping centre and my husband spotted him and said 'alright mate' he nodded and smiled. I was a little star struck. Baby nephew antics sound all too familiar!

Emad said...

@Rosie: 5 nosebleeds?! How? Crikey.
Tom Watson is a politician lol.
It was some sort of chocolate-banana baby food. So much fun. So better than urine in this instance lol.
Beautiful Soul is good! Shh! =P
Yeah...we all have to remember there will be a life after death. Death being examinations in this case =D

@ItsComplicated: "Down south" is just eww! NORTH. Boom, awesome. Ahem lol.
Actually I have just remembered, he has thrown up on me more than anything else so...yay for that.
That song isn't that old! I don't even know why Jesse McCartney became popular and then unpopular so quickly. As for the other chap, do not mention his name. Just...shhh! =P

@Aunty Em: Hello! How are you?
Yeah, we have a small modelling kit set - the give all newbies one in the first year. It is being used, ah the sadness of chemistry students...=P Humaira ate a molecule?! They are small though. Even the bond pieces!
Glad you can differentiate West Yorkshire dialect from other inferior forms =P Is he your MP? And yes, SO cold. Just eww!
Haha, don't think I've seen a television presenter in person!
Ah, the baby antics...

Purple Pyro said...

Hello! :D I am finally here! lol. Do not panic etc...
I agree to general heamorrhage due to work. Soul crushing.
Aww, God, I'd forgotten about curly arrows...just..what is the point of them man?!
Your nephew is clearly a baby bear also :) Despite horrific incidents involving your clothes, lol.
Totally looking forward to your phone-related blog know me and tech jargon :P
Beautiful song is acceptable as one of those ridiculously cheesy songs you hate to love. Like Complicated. Or Teenage Dirtbag. Ahem :D

Emad said...

Yay, you are here, I can no longer panic...etc...
The curly arrows are very important! But what DOES change is inorganic chemistry. If some A Level person started talking about what THEY think inorganic chemistry is, I would just not understand a word of it lol. "Chemistry lies" etc! =P
I will indeed mention my phone, which should be arriving aaaany minute as I type this...
(You did eat molecules.)
And soul*, correction! Ah, Complicated and Teenage Dirtbag are so damn good!

Aunty Em said...

Too damn good! You ate molecules and a few double bonds Humaira. Oh and this is so sad but Tom Watson was on 'Have I got news for you' on friday evening. I know...Im going.

Emad said...

@Aunty Em: No it isn't, because I watch HIGNFY and yes, including last week's featuring Tom Watson lol.

Aunty Em said...

Oh dear! I was brought up watching it. Love Paul Merton & Ian Hislop. Dare I ask... do u watch Question Time?

Emad said...

DO I...! Lol, of course I do, unless some psychotic right-wing nutjob is on then I don't bother sitting through their ignorance =P

Aunty Em said...

So I take it you dont favour Nick Clegg, the charlatan. I mean what does he really stand for??? what do you think of Cameron snubbing the europeans?

Emad said...

Ah, Nick Clegg. I won't go into that here as it would take far too long =P
Well the funny thing about the veto last week was Clegg's/Lib Dems' change from "we had no choice but to veto" to "we hate that guy!" lol!