Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A Peek Through the Keyhole


I did start typing this (or at least open) using Microsoft's Windows Live Writer as I've always wanted to try the software but it's too late in the day to make an attempt. But it shall become a favourite! I just know it. Or you know, I shall use it here and there. If only they released one for Windows Phone...

...And speaking of Windows Phone, I have a new mobile! Yay etc. Nokia. And I'm back on Orange. Talk about nostalgia etc. And having used Apple-ness, an Android phone, my beloved (yes!) Palm Pre and now Windows, I have to say, Windows is surprisingly the best.

It's strange that many people continue to think Microsoft as a company that doesn't "get" design and user experience for ordinary folk like you and I when it simply isn't the case. Unlike the other types of phones I've had, it's not slow. Jees, why do some phones have to be more advanced than my laptop yet take me 5 minutes to send a text message! And I have a phone with a battery now. So yes, the main things have been covered in this comprehensive review of mine.

Hello! So I saw a strange indie film named Another Earth last week (yes, with Luke). And crikey, that was strange! And good. And damn the good/bad ending! But do watch, and avoid reading too much on it beforehand so as to avoid spoilers. Definitely one of the most interesting films I have seen this year.

University is in hibernation mode. I am home for this "holiday" i.e. revision season. Damnit. But hopefully the work will pay off for both you and I, you reader-person, you! Arrived home on Saturday after being picked up by the parents, woo. This saved the need to carry/damage my well-kept biology AND chemistry books.

However, before their arrival to the colder, darker location that is Newcastle, you may have noticed (if you visit their website that is...) that the Guardian had a telethon for various charities this weekend with maaaany of their writers answering calls, including the editor. And Zoe Williams, an excellent journalist/columnist, answered my call! Yammered away for a good 15 minutes, it was super-awesome to speak to such an excellent writer. You should have done the same! I was hoping for either her to answer or a certain football/sport writer...ahem!

Another film was watched! The third instalment of the Harold & Kumar series of films. Now, my brother and I said two weeks ago that we'd go see the film despite the decent reviews, indicating that it was good but nothing as good as the first (or even the second). My rating will increase over time but deary me, that was just bad: 2/10. One for the successful lambasting of the useless 3-D that is implemented in today's crappy films (3-D is utterly pointless, but you don't need me to tell you this). And another for the one joke that made me laugh. Yep. But still, go see it - it's much better than Tintin.

So we come to a close for this post. I'm glad we've examined my feelings and personal thoughts today. Maybe we'll look at something similar next time.

This song is AWESOME.

Sweet dreams.



Purple Pyro said...

We get it, we get it, you're happy to finally have a working phoen after the disaster that was the Pre :P I JOKE. REMAIN CALM.

Going to steer clear of Another Earth until my brain can handle thinking about something other than revision, lol, but it's added to the extensive list!

And glad you're massively excited at talking to Zoe Williams :P

And..yeah...going to forever steer clear of Harold and Kumar, lol.

Happy further revision zombie-ing! :)

Rosie said...

What exactly is Windows Live Writer? I'm intrigued and partially terrified that it's superior to the regular ol' Microsoft Word of which I am A Fan.

YAY for the new phone, although I have no idea about any of the technical stuff.

I heard about Another Earth a wee while ago and apparently it's Melancholia Lite, if you've seen that? I'm jealous of your cinema going. I need a Luke! Where did you find him? Is he available in any other name?

I'm afraid I don't actively read the Guardian so I'm not familiar with any of the staff except maybe Peter Bradshaw, but MAZEL TOV on speaking to your journalistic idol :D! For 15 minutes no less! And also, who knew telethons even existed anymore?

And, that song is so awesome I bought it from Amazon. Cheers.

Happy holidays/hibernation period, please remember to relax.

Emad said...

@Hummus: The Pre was LEGENDARY! And I will buy you a Windows Phone also =) SHUSH. But the Pre shall live on in my heart etc.

Watch Another Earth! And the first Harold & Kumar!

Happy revision-ing also!

@Rosie: Oh nein, it's not a word processor to replace Word, it's a desktop piece of software you can use to publish blog posts =D

I have heard of that but steering clear after that guy's previous films and his overall weirdness =P
No, he is mine! I am sure if you post an ad online someone will come forward?? =P

Ah yes, the film critic! And LOL at the mazel tov. I have still not met a Jew/have a Jewish friend, sadness etc. But yes, thank you! It was fun. And yeah, telethon...!

Yay for the song again! And yes, we shall all relax whilst listening to this fantastic new song. Oh, however, it is now being ruined because I heard it on the televisual as part of some stupid ad. Yay capitalism for ruining everything! =D