Saturday, 28 January 2012

January Madness



So yes, I have been away because...well, take a wild guess... University exams! Bloody exams. The examination culture in this country is just absurd.

I have been doing literally nothing interesting. Revision in my room with the help of green tea and other nibbling. EMAD WILL GET BACK TO THINNESS SOON. I have made a personal vow to "stop the talk and walk the walk" or however you say it. I have a pile of colourful medium-sized t-shirts that need to be worn again as I have slowly but continuously expanded after leaving school a few years ago. This already sounds familiar to a certain Hummus' latest blog post...

But that's because exams are war! Students versus lecturers in a waffly verbal battle of the written word. That didn't make sense but my point was certainly made. My exams are over but I do have a wonderful 10 minute RECORDED interview (dictaphone or camcorder, which one - still not known) this Friday which will technically complete exam season. But the usual "sit in silence and do this you wussies!" has been completed. I think I've said this two or three times already but I can't read what I have already typed.

However, unlike the world of Hummus, I have not received my results back in lightning speed. It could be up until the beginning of March when I receive the news of imminent failure/success - DAMN YOU UNIVERSITY MARKING. And the fact I have to wait for the board of examiners to meet for the school of biology AND chemistry. Maybe even the school of agriculture, food and rural development (the school that "manages joint honours students). That's what you get for taking a joint honours course I guess.

I've typed 3 full paragraphs already? Jees. So yes. Erm...I watched Moneyball and it was awesome? And it's strange how Melissa McCarthy AND Jonah Hill are now Oscar nominees?

Yeah. I need to get back to living. But oh wait. I have a pretty full Monday and Tuesday next week. And then what's that Emad? You have 5 lectures and then labs on the following Monday giving you a "9-to-5" day without a break? Oh. Glad I'm not in your shoes.

I'm not cranky. Now where is my Xbox damnit!

I have changed my background to (I think) a photo of daisies. Because I am a "sensitive flower". Thank you biology teacher from 6th form!

HOMELAND. If there is ONE televisual show you start to watch and immediately finish due to its awesometicity, it's Homeland. I cannot stress how awesome this is. Do not read up too much about it as it may spoil it for you! All you need to know is that Damien Lewis (of all people...) plays a marine who was held PoW by a bunch of terrorists for years and years, comes back to America safe and sound, but Clare Danes thiiiiinks something fishy is going on. Just watch it folks!

Okay so that was the only interesting thing I did in the past few weeks. But I am back now! And so many films to watch, books to read, weight to lose, games to play, lectures to attend blah blah blah. Here's to 2012 etc!

Sweet dreams.