Saturday, 31 March 2012

What Can I Call My Blog Post Because It Has Been So Long


WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN! Seriously, I thought you were going to blog more this year but clearly you have ended up taking the micky etc.

So anyhow, George Galloway, I know right? Just bizarre. But how bad was the Conservative PR machine yesterday? A certain S.Warsi was on Radio 4, then a news interview, THEN another interview on the BBC News website which was used as part of Newsnight last night.... What the hell! And really, how can she complain about Labour losing - SHE WAS BEATEN IN JEWSBURY IN 2005! And she clearly cannot connect to people in West Yorkshire as the Cons lost just as badly in the by-election. Seriously politicians, shh. Retards.

I have been busy! Well, of course things have indeed happened since my blog post - again, I apologise.

I hate Scottish people! Or rather, Scottish people dislike me. Severely. There was one incident which I have actually forgotten involving a Scottish person being mean to me, so of course I can't mention that. And the other was a lecturer/tutor who was a complete pill also. So, Scottish people, be nice! Please! Jees. (And seriously, stop with the independence thing, it's just silly.)

EXAMS! Argh! Life has slowly devolved into the spectacularly fun days of revision. Inorganic and organic chemistry. Microbiology. Biotechnology. Other stuff. Just all fun. And it's much more fun spending the time revising all alone in your flat. Woo... But at least the library is just down the road, fun. No people, I have not hit the limit of books students can take out on loan...

Portal 2! It's a fun game which I bought for PC (first PC I have bought in YEARS) with voice work from Stephen Merchant and JK Simmons. Everyone should be a gamer! Why not etc.

I've mentioned before of a James Richardson who is a football presenting genius, whether on television or radio, and I'm pretty sure you may not care an ounce what I say about this topic.

...But someone has been uploading some CLASSIC clips of the very old Channel 4 Saturday morning show Gazetta Football Italia that used to air years ago (and would follow on a Sunday with a live Italian football match). It is veeery strange to see him with hair and no goatee in this VERY old episode...

The only reason I mention this is because I remember waking up late on a Saturday morning with my brother and watching this show, being able to name all the players and watching what was at the time the best league in Europe. It was always refreshing to hear amusing puns and a lack of fake enthusiasm on a sports show such as this. (Of course, it's only now I would understand the puns - thankfully there are one or two clips on YouTube from around 2001 which show his sudden baldness...!) And how could I not mention him sitting at an outdoor cafe with newspapers and a piece of cake in EVERY broadcast! Thankfully, this tradition has continued on the internet where he presents The Guardian's newspaper round-up every Friday. Veeeery big mistake of Channel 4 to ditch this amazing programme. Luckily I have ESPN, where they show Italian games and James Richardson sometimes presents, woop!

No, I like THIS pier!
And in all seriousness, I came across this spectacular photo a few days ago. This is MY life so far in 2012! It's more bluey! Yaaay. I saw this on the Lifehacker website a few days but I can't seem to find where this place is. It looks cool!

When I came back to Newcastle a week or so ago, the taxi driver taking me from the station to my flat was talking about very light-hearted topics. You know, him being in the army and being stationed in Ireland when Protestants and Catholics were at it. And so he went on about this non-amusing topic by asking me (when we were outside the flat) what I would do/have done if my best friend died in action in front of me. Wow... I said what everyone else would probably say in this situation: nothing.

How can you respond to a question like that? Very difficult. I first had to try and picture a friend or even anyone I recognised fighting. And myself.

He acknowledged my inability to answer this and said that anyone would be so happy in the moment that it wasn't them and would even "kiss the best friend's backside for saving your life and stopping you from being killed instead"...but that you'd live the rest of your life living with regret...

...And on that bombshell?? Hmm, it certainly puts your own life and problems in perspective.

Sweet dreams.