Monday, 23 April 2012

Lost in Cyberspace


The last time I went to Pakistan was in 2002, approaching 10 years. It was of course crap aaaand it has probably got worse since then, and I'm pretty sure I would never want to or need to go there again.

What I do remember is sitting in a British consulate office waiting whilst my dad was sorting out whatever he needed to do. And that was the first time I picked up a non-gaming magazine... Strangely enough it was Time. And in there was an article about gaming. And for some reason I remembered it and here it is online. Talk about the brain being bizarre and remembering straaange things. Or you know, pointlessness.

Maybe it's one of those strange memories we all have where it feels like things were timeless or just mysterious in some way. Hmm...

And back to the present day.

I don't think I have anything interesting to share. Yep, the life has just been revision and solitary confinement. Voluntary solitary confinement, as I chose to stay for most of the Easter break in Newcastle. Alone. Woo...

I LIKE LISTENING TO PODCASTS! And I think we should all listen to BBC Radio 4 more. And create our own podcasts. Why not.

I have finally started reading Walter Isaacson's bio of Steve Jobs. I'm a big tech person (despite not knowing anything technical) and bought the book way back in October but have finally started. Damn you university and damn the 70 credits of modules in semester 1 which ruined all/any fun...!

French elections, wow. We need a Jean-Luc Melenchon guy in Britain!

So yes I won't annoy anyone now.

Sweet dreams.



This picture is SUPERB. Here's the link.