Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Cold May


In primary school (or junior school, as I still like to call it), we had to choose an adjective that matched our personalities which we could use before our forenames. It must have been year 3 or 4, in the middle of junior school. I think the adjective had to start with the same letter as our name and we had to design a logo/poster of sorts we could stick around the room. Clearly, nothing works for someone whose name begins with an E, especially given the limitations of junior school vocabulary. And somehow it was decided that a few of us could bend the rules, with the word "witty" being best to describe me.

I decided to place my bubble-style written letters on the backdrop of a "splash" design. Witty Emad. That'll show them...

Time to respond - as promised - to a blog post with my own. For some reason, it's mainly pop songs that bring back vague memories of timelessness etc. Not that they're bad songs...ahem.

Celine Dion - That's The Way It Is.
Yes, shameful! But many years ago I went to drop my dad off at the airport and for some strange reason it was there that I remembered this song. Was it playing in the background? Possibly. Strange.

Luther Vandross & Janet Jackson - The Best Things in Life Are Free.
Oh because the title is just so true etc. Ahem. But this song reminds me of the old house but a particular time when certain (i.e. good) relatives came over to stay. Fun etc!

Student Rick - Falling For You/Monday Morning
& Eric B and Rakim - Don't Sweat The Technique.
I remember going to Currys with the family and buying the original Xbox soon after it was released. Insane price as well...ahem. I remember buying one of the few gaming magazines in around September/October 2002 (remember those things, magazines?) which came with a disc filled with demos which included one of my favourite games ever, Aggressive Inline, a roller skating game. I think the memory of playing with the brother is implanted in the brain. Very glad I bought a second hand copy a year or so back on the electronic bay. Think I'll be playing it after these "exams"...

Sara Bareilles - One Sweet Love.
I don't think this is a particular favourite of mine but reminds me of the MedSim thing that took place at Nottingham Uni. Very much a sense of timelessness if you ever attend the university and are given Sherwood Hall as your residence - nothing but trees and greenery as the view from the bedroom window. Total woo. And completely different from my time so far at Newcastle - next door to the city centre! Despite current convenience, I think I prefer the greenery. Your opinion?

The Calling - Wherever You Will Go/Adrienne.
The brother. And any cover of Whereve You Will Go sucks. I'm sorry, but something is clearly wrong with you if you think some whispery child's voice is better. PFFT. Get real! But yes, I just think of the brother seeing as he liked The Calling before I did and told me to listen to them. Which was...what, 10+ years ago? Crikey.

Jack Johnson - Taylor.
Some friend...whose name I just can't remember...Hummus, I think? Yes! Made me put a song on MY iPod so SHE could listen to it during breaks. And then I listened also. And it's a great song, listen people!

Relient K - The Lining is Silver.
I've mentioned this before but this song will now always remind of the loooong and painful train journey to Norwich for a uni interview. Which I realise is now over two years ago! Crikey.

Sherwood - Song in My Head.
BEST SONG EVA. But you know, it's pretty awesome. And lame in that childish, pop-way.

Sweet dreams.



Aunty Em said...

Awesome memories. I recall I made a watering can based on the 'Canals' topic we did in Year 6
I remember painting it with pva to give it a glossy finish n feeling really clever. So have you still got that poster? Luv the tracks, brought back memories. Teenge Dirt bag 'Wheatus' reminds of my neices and nephews growing up inc Humaira! Oh and would defntly choose green scenic view as oppose to bustling city view.

Purple Pyro said...

Witty was a fine substitute for an E word, lol. I can't think of one now, even with more vocabulary than I had in primary school...

Sara Bareilles! Gasp etc :) And I loved the greenery on that campus, definitely prefer it to city-ness.
THE CALLING! wooooooo! And I concede that the cover isn't a patch on it, lol.
Taylor is an obvious win. This Hummus sounds like a bit of a Legend.
And Sherwood...yeah, that's your song, you can have it, lol. Definitely more of a nostalgia one.

I leave you with three words: BIG YELLOW TAXI. For the nostalgia :D

So yeah!

Aunty Em- WOO FOR TEENAGE DIRTBAG! :P I've totally told Emadness before that it reminded me of you, lol, so I'm liking that co incidence.

*waves!* :)

Aunty Em said...

Humaira!!! Its been ages. How r u???
Emad did you see George Osborne trying to look all 'with it' whilst Keane peformed on The Andrew Marr show? He looked abs. mortified before he caught sight of the camera. Classic!

Emad said...

@Aunty Em:
Join Twitter Aunty Em! =D
Wow, remembering a design lesson in year 6?! Woo on the gloss! Though you remindeed me of one where I had to make a car using small wooden pieces lol.

Nein, don't have the splashy poster! Sadness etc. Have any of your primary school stuff? I have parental reports...! Lol. Disclaimer: the ones they give out every year! Not naughty ones or anything =P

Yeah, clearly Humaira remembers =P Teenage Dirtbag is such a good song!

And yeah! Saw some of his main interview on Andrew Marr but then on HIGNFY they showed him being ridiculous. But I thought Douglas Alexander sitting net to him was scarier as he just stared into the camera!

Extraordinary? A 9-year-old can't spell that, right? Lol. How about for you...erm...Happy? Lame but a good one! =D

Yeah, it's just that it seemed it was too middle-of-nowhere lol. Calling = ace and should get back together! Yeah, shame I don't know who this Hummus is... =)
Silver Lining = awesome song! Sherwood is indeed all mine, I was aware of this.
Indeed, you made me put Big Yellow Taxi on my iPod too. Good song!

Rosie said...

I loved this post! Totally remember Student Rick's contribution and I agree about the shitey covers of Wherever You Will Go, specially that one on the tea advert argh!

Right, cause I'm a massive geek for words I went and got my mini Oxford thesaurus and went to the letter E. There are lots of entries, but my favourites are: eccentric, elastic, everlasting (pretty cool), evil and extinct.

I'm totally nicking this idea for a post some time in the future.

Emad said...


...Are you serious about Student Rick there? Because from what I know, they were an unknown group until two of their songs were in that game lol. Well, I won't mention her name (*cough* HUMAIRA *cough*) but I was given the stupid tea cover to listen to and it's just offensive. And what the hell has that got to do with tea! Jees, marketing, the most pointless thing ever.

Oooh, go you =P I am not extinct or evil! Eccentric is good but is usually neutral/negative! What would you give yourself??


Lexie Bellafonte said...

Exciting Emad? Enigmatic Emad...yeah, Witty Emad is better :)
I LOVE Sara Bareilles. And Wherever You Will Go :) Although I do like the Charlene Soraia cover...
Greenery. Definitely greenery.

Emad said...

Enigmatic Emad?! Lol, don't think I could ever fit the bill for that one...!
No you do not like that cover. Shhhhhhh!!!!
Yeah, Nottingham's residence campus is just plain excellent! =D