Saturday, 5 May 2012

Twitter & Podcasts


So I am on Twitter! I KNOW. And I will continue to complain about it... Though I do prefer it over Faceberg, with their stupid evilness and ever-changing privacy policy and automatically screwing everyone (including myself) with changes to account settings. Seriously Zuck, go away. And it being worth a HUNDRED BILLION (we'll skip over the fact they bought Instagram for a billion...) US dollars?! HA. Anyhow...

I think I've been keeping to myself so far on Twitter, being a reactionary user rather than complaining about things. Although I did take the chance to do so last week when I was travelling from home back to Newcastle on the train. Again, Transpennine Express, you SUCK. And it is not worth the £36-or-so ticket to use your trains. Over crowded but absolutely NEVER on time. Only once in the two years I have so far been at university and travelling back and forth on trains has TP Express ever been on time. This whole "trains in the UK are 95% on time" thing is complete and utter BS! Seriously! Who believes that?!

So yeah, clearly my long-form blog is still here to stay though. Ahem. I apologise for the rant but who seriously thinks the trains in this country are worth the fare prices? Exactly. Anyhow, I am at ThisIsEmad on Twitter. I'll try to add a button thingy or a link or something on the side...

So! Podcasts. I will not steal the idea of songs that remind me of places/school (as a post) at a later date. But for some reason ONE of you (named Rosie - read her blog!) at least wanted to know what it was I listened to throughout the day...!

Podcast = people blabbing, or a radio show that has basically been saved as an episode for the listener to enjoy at their own pleasure.

Ready for my list? You will dislike it...!

The Tech Podcasts

The Vergecast and Verge Mobile Podcast - The Verge is a tech/gadget site and they produce two a week, covering news on the computing industry, mobile tech companies, all of those things that we use every day but fail on us every now and again. Yay!

TWiT. This company produces "netcasts" (as they like to call them, correctly...?) on a whole variety of tech genres, e.g. Windows Weekly about everything Microsoft, MacBreak Weekly get the idea. The guy running the show, Leo Laporte is a tech writer and he brings in actual, pro tech and business journalists to ramble about the big stories of the week. Plus, the guy has a radio voice, no question.

The Guardian Tech Weekly! Self explanatory!

Comedy Podcasts

Doug Loves Movies - Stand-up comedian Doug Benson invites fellow comedians and actors/directors (former guests include John Lithgow, Edgar Wright and Jon Hamm) to make jokes and then play "the Leonard Maltin game", where guests have to guess the name of a film using very few clues. Seriously, find this on iTunes and then try to avoid laughing on the train, it's difficult!

Comedy Bang Bang - Just a hilarious show with comedians that have included Zach Galifianakis and maaany others cracking jokes. Again, very funny.

How Did This Get Made? - A podcast where a bunch of actors and special guests dissect a giant fail of a film in great detail. Incredibly funny, even if you haven't watched the horrendousness they're describing. Previously discussed films include Fast Five, The Last Airbender, The Tourist, Crank 2, Catwoman, Superman 3, one of those stupid Twilight things - just listen!

BBC Podcasts

Any Questions - Question Time but made for BBC Radio 4, presented by the other Dimbleby.

Money Box - Listen to the latest failures of capitalism with the new scams being carried out by companies big and small, yay!

Profile - I listen to this depending on who the subject is. A 15 minute look at someone hitting the headlines for reasons good and bad. Interesting what you learn about the people being covered here.

Outlook - A few stories from around the world being covered and analysed.

And finally... The Guardian's Football Weekly. Because I have to remain manly.

There are many others, The Nerdist, Piers Morgan Tonight (even though he's a d-bag), Judge John Hodgman, but the ones listed above are the ones I keep up with the most.

Tell me how much you did not enjoy that...!

Next post = songs.

Wallpapers! Because that's what my blog has become. Have Bing as your homepage, SRSLY. The new backgrounds they have every day can sometimes be incredible. This, from earlier in the week:

As for my life, well nothing interesting is happening. Revision. BLERGH.

However, it was the nephew's first birthday last week and we had a party with the extended family. And what can I say, one-year-olds like ball pools and rocking horses - that don't look like this at all, ahem - which his uncles buy him. YEAH, WE'RE BLOODY AWESOME!

Sweet dreams.



Purple Pyro said...


Oh..More about Twitter. Pfft :P Well I know all of the reactionary stuff, so moving on, lol. I wholeheartedly agree with your train anguish. Having been exposed to way too much of the national rail service since starting uni, I can empathise. And seriously, is it necessary to have about three 1st class carriages, all pretty much empty, whilst the 3 or so standard carriages are packed like sardines?! DAMNED CAPITALISM :P

So I admire the general informative-ness of the podcasts you listen to, but as said before, I would not survive listening to these, lol. Also: Piers Morgan tonight?! PULL IT TOGETHER MAN!

Ah, the Bing wallpaper. Which I linked you. Could've mentioned me there. Just saying. ¬_¬ lol

Totally commend the rocking horse, it looks so awesome :D I want one etc, lol.

*waaaaaaaaaaves* :)

Emad said...

Hello =]
Trains are just plain bad in this country and apparently the most expensive in Europe. We've spent hundreds travelling since uni and not once has it been worth it seeing as it's still cheaper to drive everywhere. Damn them.
Listen to all of them also! =P I told you I only listen to Piers Morgan when he has good guests - like the Dalai Lama last week! Remember things!
And I have Bing as my browser home page! AND use Bing on my phone i.e. I see every wallpaper before you woman! =P But yes, thank you =) So many awesome photos have been acquired as wallpapers from Bing, yay!
I will buy you a rocking horse! =D

Rosie said...

Due to the fact I'm a troglodyte & would be better off living in a cave I don't have Twitter (or Facebook for that matter). I did, and then it felt exhausting, so I gave up. But kudos my friend, I hope it brings you joy and happiness and whatnot.

Every time I get on a train the prices have gone up so as a rule I use them only as a last resort. Plus they're a little too, dare I say it, 'hipster' up this end for my liking. Yet more proof of my antisocialness and general misanthropy.

I LOVED the bit on podcasts. Now I know how you're always so well-informed about Current Events. I'm totally going to check out those fillum-related ones. Might give the footie one a miss, do you mind?

I think you'll find that rocking 'horse' is actually a rocking giraffe. And it is awesome. Good choice.

Good luck with exams :D!!

Emad said...

Well done for not being on the various(what a certain Hummus calls them) "social media platforms etc". (Yes, even the "etc" bit.) I would leave too but most of my friends and "friends" use Faceberg over standard email to contact me. What's wrong with email damnit! I think I'll ditch it when I leave university and have real contact info...! Siiiiigh.

Ha! Very true, train prices rocket up every year, it's insane. Surprised about them being hip in Scotland - train operators are just plain evil.

Well I hope you did because YOU requested it! =P (LOL, on proper noun-ing (yes, it's a word) "Current Events"!) And the two film ones are excellent. As for the football one, it is pretty damn funny but yes, one would have to be interested in THE FOOTBALL etc.

You know what I meant =P A rocking horse in the form of a giraffe. However I didn't get it when I bought it until later. Much later. Ahem.

Thanks! =D

Aunty Em said...

Hey Emad. Sorry for delayed response. Hope you are ok despite your little rant about Transpenine express!! I hate them too!GRRRR... They wasted so much of my life between the ages of 18-23, Damn them and their pathetic excuses and 70s upholstry!! Ehrm. And yes I hate Facebook too! I refuse to open an account with them, sheep comes to mind! I do love Facetime though. Thats great fun. Dont think the two are related. On a positive note I used to listen to Money box and I am an avid Radio 4 listener. I was forced to listen to it as a teenager in my brothers car and its a part of my everyday life now and BBC podcasts are great!! More Exams??? your poor brain! How much more Chemistry can you take???!!! Best of luck!

Emad said...

Oh it's okay =)
All train companies are awful! Although the first conductor today made some pretty funny announcements about being in exotic Britain and problems with the dryer in the toilet...!

Haha, yes! I really want to get away too but like I said, the people I know (and clearly, generally most people) prefer to use that over what is already available: EMAIL! Lol.

Facetime is definitely unrelated but yeah, video calling is fun! Skype never works 100% but there are two others that do: Google+ (social network, but I only use for video calling lol) and MSN! Which is basically branching off email! And it still works great! =D Plus I only have an iPod Touch so facetime isn't always possible for me =(

Radio 4 is super ace right? =D

Thanks! Yeah, I hope it all finishes soon and hoooopefully pass because on the chemistry front for next year: one module! Organic! =P

How are you! Hope you're doing well! =)

Lexie Bellafonte said...

Yey to Twitter :) Ahem...Hope it likes us to all the hype I gave it :)
I WILL listen to some of these podcasts. After revision. But thanks for the list, I had no idea at all where to start.
Trains are awful. Especially in snow. And pricing. But not as unreliable/uncomforatble/bad as coaches.
Good luck for exams :)