Friday, 8 June 2012

Wet Summer's Day


So I have no computer of my own at the moment and my contract phone is also away with the repair fairies. Yep, I am currently using a phone entirely relying on buttons on a keypad (which I can confirm is now horrendous to type on and takes AGES having used touchscreens in some form for almost 5 years now). And I am using either my brother's computer when I can (of course he uses it but also my dad) or my almost-fully-broken Touchpad.

Thank God I still have my iPod Touch then. Tech woes.

So! I apologise for all 3 of you fans out there that I have not blogged since finishing exams/coming home last week. As I said, tech woes. But also I think it's only now I am recovering from all of that nonsense! Exams are tiring! And after a week I am back to being used to sleeping in my bed at home for more than 2 nights every few weeks. University is fun folks.

Apple's WWDC is on Monday. This is relevant because I am considering getting a Mac of some sort. And that is due to having terrible Windows laptop, in terms of hardware. Aaaaand then the good Windows laptops cost just as much/more than Mac equivalents. Nope, thank YOU Mr Student Discount.

Anyhow, nothing interesting has happened in the last week. Just resting! But I am totes looking forward to watching football, however racist fans might be in Ukraine...? Ouchee.

Oh, one more song to add my previous post: Lene Marlin's Sitting Down Here. I remember hearing this once when the siblings and I went to Leeds for a shopping trip of sorts.

I remember in Year 5 or 6 or some time in primary school, we all went on a trip of sorts (yes, re-use phrases Emad!) to the local supermarket. I think we walked there, wasn't exactly far. And that Morrisons still stands as there is nothing else that exciting in the town I live in anymore. Why did Woolworths have to go out of business damnit!

We watched a video on shoplifting. Nope, I am not joking at all on that one. Why? I don't know, we pesky kids were thieves in those days, right? I feel so old compared to those in my classes at uni, despite only being a year older.

There was something involving fish. Yes. Either the fish monger in the store did some slicing and dicing, I don't know. I just remember a strong fish smell.

However, in the afternoon we all made bread of some kind. And I remember moulding mine into the shape of a doughy man (pun intended) complete with limbs and a small round head. Can we all agree the smell of baked goods is super nice and gives that warm feeling and what not? And it was nice bread damnit!

I remember having some of it at home. We don't eat that many actual bread rolls in this house. But I can still picture my bread-man in its paper bag with the usual transparent plastic sheet at the front. It was nice! The mother liked it.

But that's what parents are for.

Sweet dreams.



Purple Pyro said...

Gasp! I can only imagine how slow it must be to type using a keypad! The very idea that we might have to exercise our thumbs any more ¬_¬ Who do they think they are.

I think you'll find it's *four* fans. And woo! You had a hard few months, take it easy etc :)

So true that Woolworths was the only exciting thing about "your" town :P

And I thiiiink you've mentioned the shoplifting video before, but LOL anyway at their callous scare tactics.

Can't believe you got ot make bread at Morrisons! SO JEEALOUSE.
Definitely agree to the warm fuzziness of freshly baked things.
(And doughy people are the best kind :P)

And I'm sure it was lovely and not just the kind of bread only a mother could love, lol.

*waaaaaaaaaaaves* :)

Lexie Bellafonte said...

Hi :) I'm trying to think of something insightful/new to say but given that I tweet you almost every day...
Apples = BAD! Buy a PC. They are cool :)
That school trip sounds AMAZING! The sort of thing that adults dread doing but little kids would totally love :) I bet it was very nice bread :P

Emad said...

I know! Although does your phone ahve that Swype system? I find that to be too fast =P

I was joking, regardless of how small the number is!

This coming from someone who loved - and still does - Pizza Hut.

I know! Bread!

Well do NOT tweet about Grey's Anatomy! How dare you! =P

Oh I really like Win7 and Windows 8 looks pretty damn good too (and stupidly fast) but student discount + extended warranty = Apples' work out cheaper in a few cases. (NB A few...!)

I know, I think I'd semi-groan at the idea now if I was told to do something like that but kids love it.

Did anyone bake at their nursery?! Exactly =P

Rosie said...

Uhhhh, tech woes, they suck something awful. I know this because I'm giving myself old lady eyes trying to see what I'm typing on this monitor which, judging by the size, is from around 1860.

That song is so cute! I'd never heard it before. Also, she really looks like Kirsten Dunst O_O.

I'm sure your bread was LOVELY Emad but I have issues with eating things which resemble humans, such as Jelly Babies. Who invented them, seriously? Who sat down and thought, people will want to eat little coloured babies made of fruit-flavoured jelly? My dad and I made bread once and I made mine in the shape of a bird flying. Pretty sure when it came out of the oven it just looked like a big splodge.

Emad said...


Is it a CRT monitor?? If so, wow! I thought I was late to the ditching party, getting rid of mine in 2009 at the end of school...!

Kirsten Dunst? Really? I don't see that at all lol, wow =P

Haha, so true! How could one eat sweets made to resemble human babies! And a flying bird, that's an inventive shape =D

Woo =)