Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Woes & Woes


Yep, woes and woes. Tech woes. Because since I last posted, I have had TWO faulty MacBook Airs. Yep. Two. The first had a creak on the left side of the palm rest, which is ridiculous considering the cost of such items aaaand then number 2 had keyboard backlight problems. Lovely experience Apple.

Oh, and I am still having phone woes! I know! This is the 4th Nokia I have had since starting my contract 6-7 months ago. I did indeed go to Ofcom due to Orange being mean. Stupid networks.

So, what's been happening since Emad! Nothing too exciting as I really have just been recovering from weeks of nasty non-sleep. Just not good! Finally getting at least 8 hours of sleep is proving to be a good thing, phew.

Who has been watching the football! Well, firstly, we shall have a minute of silence for the Scottish readers' sadness regarding the absence of Soctland in Euro 2012. Done? Yep. And now a further minute for England going out. On penalties. Again. THANKS. Straight after that game I took my flag in my bedroom down and folded it up for the World Cup. Assuming England get there. Which they should. Because...it's the World Cup.

Tennis! Wimbledon! It's so much fun, as always. Yay for a Williams sister already being eliminated! And no yay for Andy Roddick being seeded 30th. This is sadness. I still believe he will Wimbeldon eventually. One day. Soon. Because time is running out... *Tears* etc.

Erm...I ordered a really cool, slim external hard drive?

Oh, how annoying are right-wing people? Yeah. That.

When sorting the house a bit (i.e. changing from God-awful "Asian" settees (yes, THOSE) in one of the rooms to sofas like the other room, and cleaning my room out), I rediscovered my awesome toy gun! How awesome? Well look below. Get it?! I know! I think it was a 7-year-old birthday present, from a relative who I'm sure also gave me another gun as a present at the time or one in the previous/following year. Because back then kids used to play with toy guns as opposed to real ones. Humour etc. But yeah, great.

I haven't touched my Xbox in months, apart from occasionally watching something on BBC iPlayer. Maybe I should play that.

Ciao for now!

Sweet dreams.



Purple Pyro said...

...Get a sensible computer then innit! LIKE MINE. And a sensible phone! Like a Samsung! :P and VODAFONE. lol

...I have not been watching the football. I apologise. Or the tennis.

Loving the toy gun though :D Does it make all the weird noises??


Aunty Em said...

I know. Its late. Been wanting to talk politics and science, so the God particle... I was in awe and wonder! I bet uve seen it before though. Oh and gadget problems; get gadget insurance with your bank. Then you can throw the phone at them each time it fails followed by anything else that doesnt work. :)Curse you bankers!!! And what is with the hap hazard printing of money? Im stressed! They keep doing it.