Friday, 24 August 2012

Late, Late Summer


So I've been listening to an awful lot of Owl City in the past day or two. This is not strange as I was one of those annoying "I heard them first!" people amongst my group of friends when it came to Owl City. And I am not ashamed to admit this damnit.

Anyhow, I am in Newcastle! Eid was fun and celebrated briskly as I have these things called resits. Fun. But I received money! This is genuinely shocking because as you get older, family members give less and less money as you're more likely to have started working. I am juuust underneath that precious barrier right now. Thank you for being a student etc. So Eid was indeed fun! Especially as we did not at all drive to a certain ice cream parlour many have, yes, "banged on about" for years, which I had not visited. The chocolate was different (in a good way) and the vanilla was excellent. Hmm...Charlotte's? In the middle of nowhere. Which is still a bus route. Yep, that one.

Newcastle! Don't worry, it's not like it's cold, wet and miserable here or anything. I have been using my breaks to rewatch How I Met Your Mother. Is anyone else excited about the upcoming, final season? Exactly!

Damn, still need to watch the remainder of Grey's Anatomy...

Anyhow, the midpoint has been reached. 2 exams down, 3 more to go starting Tuesday. Just...yeah.

There's this SUPERB band called All Night Chemists. And no, I don't like them just because I'm a chemistry student as well, blah blah. Just listen! This is still a favourite song of mine. (N.B. You can download the song and even their whole albums, for free, right here.)

But let's get back to Owl City for now... Yes, I think this is excellent because sometimes uber-pop is the answer.

Sweet dreams.



Purple Pyro said...

You were indeed one of those annoying people :P It's all about the Saltwater Room. And HOT AIR BALLOON.
HIMYM! I am excited that Ted can finally face up to his likely STD-ridden future of uncertainty with an insecure wife who can't handle her husband having had literally hundreds of exes, lol. But yay for everyone else!
Oh I remember the chemists one! Good times :)
I mean, i reiterate my point about you overlistening to Good Time but just wanted to say...what's up with the awesome car in the video etc :D

Rosie said...

I never really got into Owl City after that song that everyone was listening to...which I can't remember the name of... The guy's voice annoyed me but after listening to Good Time maaaaaybe I will give them a go!

Is Grey's Anatomy still on?! Has everyone slept with everyone else yet?

Good luck for your resits :D! They are beastly things...