Friday, 10 August 2012

Titter Tatter


I know, I know, I know. Damnit, I hate not-blogging!

What has happened! Well, firstly, new compooooter! It's this:

(I stole that from a Bing search, naturally.) But yeah, so awesome because it fit everything I was looking for - full, usable ports whilst still being an "ultrabook", latest processor blah blah and all cost less than half of what was originally spent on the MacBook Air I bought which turned out faulty. So yeah, thank God for that etc.

Andy Roddick didn't win Wimbledon 2012. We'll skip over this. (Then again, Murray was so close! He will win a grand slam eventually, or, as my brother and dad say, may end up going down as the best player never to win one.)

Join Twitter! Because it's fun and annoying and great and awful all at once, yay!

Speaking of Twitter, I did tweet this wonderful photo not so long ago, of one of my new favourite books:

Yes, her! Hummus is finally, officially a published writer. This is stupidly great! And she will soon publish something that will sell as many as Fifty Shades of Grey but it'll be suitable for a more family-friendly audience. I'm only speaking from what I have heard about that book - damn it being number one on every ebook chart I saw today.

University! More exams! So nothing's changed, don't worry.

Cookies! I am finding it very hard to fit cookies into my life schedule during Ramadhan. And I am becoming less and less whale-like during this fast! Yay! This shall continue until I am only slightly bigger than Gandhi. Okay, maybe now that far but you know, carry on etc.

In response to Hummus' blog post about being an ancient sister: hello! And may you continue to enjoy changing nappies. My nephew's waste is not deemed as nuclear waste, so I know exactly what you mean. Also, I have given him the title of "biccie monster", as in biscuit, because he happily bit through one with me the other day.

I am still - whenever I have time which is of course never for many people during Ramadhan - working my way through Steve Jobs' biography. Yay! This is despite buying two super cheap ebooks today. I know, I know. Damnit.

I now have numerous video games on my computer! Which I will rarely have time to play but what the hell, yay!

Oh, I think everyone should use the Microsoft Office 2013 preview. It's so awesome, free to try out and those of you who still use Office 2003 (! - they shall remain nameless) should also use it. Having had 2007 for years, I think I'll be happily buying this upon release. Yay evil capitalism! Etc.

So yes. Erm...nothing has really been happening. Just a lot of revision and fasting and...being hot and thirsty. Thank you bizarre English weather, as I do prefer this over the humid/hot combination several weeks ago but nothing beats chilly, wet weather.

Oh, who else is actually enjoying the Olympics?! Yes, Andy Murray seriously thrashed Federer and what about that men's 100m final. Explosive. As was the 200m final last night. And I thought this link was fascinating!

I hope all you many readers are doing well, let me know! And I will seriously blog more (I had computer and phone woes since June but thankfully they're now resolved!) or else I will punch myself in the face. Very hard. I will make this possible.

Sweet dreams.



Purple Pyro said...

...Well done on your original title ¬_¬ lol
Yay for a pretty new working computer, after years of woe!
NEVER to twitter! Just because the awful outweighs everything else.

Awww, *stop it* man. Gawwwwd. *bashful*

Cookies shall always be a part of your life, you can't deny it. Whaleness must be combatted on other fronts. Yay for progress though!!

And thank you. I know now what you meant when you described all those nappy situations. @_@

...2003 WORKS, DAMMIT. It is the best! :D

Don't make promises that are hard to fulfill and guarantee you having to punch yourself in the face...
I loved this post :D And not just because it is very flattering towards me. Ahem.


Rosie said...

Holy mother of God, the Tech Woes are finally over! Welcome back friend.

Anyone else think that Andy Murray losing Wimbledon and then winning at the Olympics the way he did proof of fate, or is that just me? It was immensely superb anyway.

I can't believe Humaira published a book!!!!! I don't mean that the way it sounds. Tell us more about it! Plug shamelessly away!

Speaking of 50 Shades of Gray (which I haven't read either), in work today this man and his son who must have been no more than 9 came in and the dad was looking for a book to buy the mother and asked the son for suggestions. And the son went 'What about 50 Shades of Gray?' and the dad said 'What's that?' I don't know what is more shocking; the boy's knowledge or the dad's lack of.

The Olympics are awesome :D!

Yes, blog more often, or if you don't, at least take a before and after picture of The Punch so we know you've kept your promise.

Aunty Em said...

At last, a new computer! And I thought you were talking about the other cookies not the type the cookie monster eats so well! Hope you are well other than disappearing. You will put it back on Eid day, i guarantee that! Humairas chewy moreish choccy peanut cookies are a sure way of doing that. Oh and Ive lurvvvved the olympics! You?

Emad said...

@Hummus: IKR! And Twitter can be funny! Join! I will make you join.

You stop! Haven't made my own cookies in almost a year now. Bloody great. And seriously, change Office already.

And thank you, I enjoy your blog also =P


@Rosie: HELLO! Finally! =D

Well the way he completely outplayed both Federer and Djokovic in the semi-final, crikey.

Well...she has published a book! SHE WILL BLOG IN MORE DETAIL ON THIS! (Capitalised because this is a command to her - she has to do this!)

What. The. Hell! Ha! I as listening to a tech podcast a few days ago and see an apparently funny parody version in the top 10 of iTunes iBooks store - maybe that'll actually be worth reading!

I'll just remember to carry my camera at all times with me =D

@Aunty Em: Oh nein, I don't actually eat all that much on Eid. Just rice and nothing more! How about you? I feel uncomfortable about peanuts in cookies, despite them being great (last time I had them must have been ears ago now).

Yeah, the Olympics have been great so far! Excellent opening ceremony and then some of the events...good but also so painful to watch. Weightlifting for example, come on people, it is just painful! But yeah, so good =D

Lexie Bellafonte said...

Nice computer :D And yey to it being a PC. Glad to know you weren't fully converted to the Mac dark side :P
Twitter is awesome. You're welcome :P
Good luck for the exams (not that you'll need it :P) Let us know how they go?
Did you get Microsoft 2013 on your new computer? I only got 2010 (which is great). Will have to download the preview *googles*
My brother has loaded some games onto my PC. Something about 'It's too good a graphics card to waste on Twitter and youtube'. I'll play some point
Don't punch yourself (just saying). And if you do, like Rosie said, we want pictorial evidence!
See you on Twitter :D

Emad said...

@Lexie: Yeah, some things are good about Mac OS but it's going to be "sandboxed" so much by Apple, and restrictive. Not the best keyboards though - that's Lenovo by far. Funny, Apple used to campaign against "restrictive" IBM back in the day. Ah, evil etc.

I shall indeed let you know how they go. Only if they go well....ahem.

No, you get like a free, starter edition of Office 2010, but you can download the preview of Office 2013 and it is SO much better. Get!

And yeah! Listen to him! Download/install games! =P

I will provide a very small jpeg should the event occur =P