Thursday, 18 October 2012

Nice of You to Show Up


Oh, so you've switched to a more biology-only type of course? Well go you!

Aaaand that is why I have delayed blogging. That and also I have had a HORRIBLE (note the capitals) cough for AGES. Thank you, people who do not cover their mouths. Though I think I first got it from my nephew. Kids have no etiquette these days, pfft!

So, I finally went to the cinema for the first time since I saw the mistake that is MIB 3. Looper, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis. Some will be posting on their blog how it's an excellent film and aaaaall the rest of it. Note: it is a good film. However, the problem with it is the ending. There, I've said it!

It is October 2012! Just wow! My calculator is over 10-years-old now. Think I should change its battery in case it dies on me...

And my Sony PSP, although in a drawer somewhere, is now 6-years-old! Yeah, you think about how old you are and how life has but also hasn't started when you're at this age. How fun.

I remembered a veeeery interesting anecdote a few weeks ago. From when I was last in Pakiland in 2002.

My dad, brother and I went to Islamabad with one of my dad's friends and his son, to eat at some fancy schmancy restaurant. I guess a fancy restaurant these days would be one in which it's safe to eat over there. How nice.

When we were seated, we saw a whole class from a nearby private school this restaurant. I think this was a Marriott Hotel. Totally makes sense...

After eating what I think was some half-decent food, we were asked whether we wanted tea or coffee. Everyone opted for tea. But this other guy's son and I decided to try a cappuccino. Oh. My. God. Have you tried one of these things?! Disgusting! It's like how so many chocolate-y looking things in the country like cakes and biscuits...don't taste of chocolate! We kept adding packets and packets of sugar - eventually having six in each cup. We took another sip. And STILL it was revolting.

So I guess this anecdote was about how horrendous caffeinated drinks are. Apart from green tea. Which I think everyone should drink. Oh, and have you tried iced tea? Not bad either. But cappuccinos? Oh my word. Just avoid.

PSY! GANGNAM STYLE! Is it not just awesome? I told my brother how I summed up my opinion on this - a review on iTunes of the song simply saying "absolute banger". And it is! No matter what some people may say...


Sweet dreams.